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Have some Cautionon my nationfor all sacrifices that was madeby the great leaders who never fadeto make this country freeteaching braveness was our keyOn this day the constitution came into effectgiving the country a new aspectThe national flag is hungJana Gana Mana is sungI can proudly saythat this the daythat gave us a new wayAndContinue reading “CAUTION ON MY NATION!”

Time machine

If we had a time machines we could go to the same place we had been what I mean is not just the days of our teens but to recreate our favorite scenes days when we were very keen and had a shoulder to lean things we desperately wanted to change although these sound strangeContinue reading “Time machine”

9 Upcoming marvel movies

Hello blogmates! Today I’ll be sharing with you about the dates of upcoming marvel movies. I won’t be writing a paragraph about the movie, but I’ll share you the dates alone. I know most of you might already know about them but I believe there might be some people who doesn’t know, so I amContinue reading “9 Upcoming marvel movies”

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